Sometimes dreams really do come true…

Usually when you least expect.

Hello! I am Teri.  I began this journey as the creative mind behind The Just Because Shoppe. This began as a way for me to let creative juices flow. As a SAHM to a child with special needs I needed something to fill my cup. I love designing, love seeing my ideas come to reality.

What started out a dream has become a reality with every single design sale.  We have even expanded to include my bestie and continuous creative support, Kate.  She has been a bouncing board for ideas throughout this journey and was such an influential part of my day to day business that I finally convinced her to hop in the passenger seat and enjoy the entire ride with me!

We have both grown in our designs and styles and it is super fun to see how we fill each others gaps.  I never thought owning a business could be so much fun, this is definitely my passion - My cup definitely runneth over!