DIY Grade A Laundry Soap - Tried it, love it...

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So in my quest for the meaning of life (via Pinterest lol) I have stumbled upon some amazing DIY cleaners.  Some have not worked out so well, some have been AMAZING!!  I know it is probably silly to get super excited over laundry detergent, but I certainly am excited over it!!!

So I was scrolling Pinterest (as I do.  Many times.  Every day.) and I tend to get side tracked sometimes (read as always)...  So I stumbled into DIY household cleaners.  I have seen so many with Borax and it kinda creeps me out.  I mean, I am by far not the queen of healthy (as I sip the 3rd Mtn Dew today) but the idea of washing my clothes in something that actually kills roaches is a bit unsettling.  Ya know?

So back on track...  This soap tho...  The recipe was super simple.  I found everything at Walmart.  Side note Kirk's Castile Soap is with the body soap, not the laundry stuff.  The blog is Bren Did and what she does seems to be amazing.  Her Grade A Laundry Detergent is laid out simply for even the most scatterbrained mind.  

Basic Breakdown of Ingredients:

  • 4 Lb Baking Soda
  • 3 Lb 7 Oz Super Washing Soda
  • 16 Oz Kirk's Coco Castile Soap, Grated... Get a friend.  Or take breaks.  **Muscle Builder Alert**
  • 3 Lbs Oxi Clean Baby or Oxi Clean Free
  • 1 Lb 12 Oz Epsom Salt

Ok so I found almost all of this very easily.  I did not find the A-rated Oxi Clean Baby or Free.  I found Oxi Clean Versatile.  I went to the EWG website and found that this one in particular has a B rating.  In comparison to run of the mill store bought laundry soap (most seemed to fit into the D-F categories) I figured mine averages out to an A-... I'm totally down with that!

Also, the Kirk's smelled pretty good, I was not expecting this.  But I really wanted a bit more good smelling stuff so I added an essential oil blend.  It was called "Refreshing" (I totally found that fitting hahaha) and is a blend of basil, grapefruit, and lime.

So I did a test run of some brand new woven kitchen towels.  OMG.  They smell amazing!!

The recipe calls for 1 tablespoon per load.  I have kids.  They are gross.  I know that the ingredients are all cleaners.  I get it.  But some place deep inside of me feels that there is NO way possible that a single tablespoon is gonna cut it.  I mean 15 ml?  No freaking way.  So I doubled it.  2 tablespoons.  I am down with that.

The next thing we attempted was my teenage sons blanket.  It was awful.  Super awful.  We had a discussion about how he should at least wash them monthly.  It went like this "Daniel... (his mind went off to some place that did NOT involve mom lectures... probably sports.  Love his football...) Ok so now we are clear, right?"  And the nod I received as a response let me know he did not care at all about his stinky blanket.

I was a little worried that this was going to take more than one round.  It did not.  Smelled absolutely refreshing.  That essential oil blend was right on target.

The next thing I plan to try out are the DIY dryer sheets!  I will update you on how well that works out for me!

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