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Hey all!  As you can most likely tell I have been busy listing items on my store and on my etsy shop.  I have been lacking in the whole blog post writing as I have a backlog of listings to post on each site... I am a slacker.  For reals...

So... Happy March!!  I can not believe we are moving along this quickly!  We have gotten our newsletter list going, posted a ton on here and etsy, made quite a few sales (I am coloring a map... I'm stoked! lol), and have so much more to come!  We are trying something new here on our site.  We would like to offer you all some savings on our SVG cut files...  So... Here is how it works.  You purchase 5 items ($10 value) and you get 1 FREE ($2 value).  Simple.

So some basic instructions:
1) Load up your favorite SIX (6) svg items in your cart.
2) Go to check out.
3) Enter in discount code B5G1FREE and this will take $2 off of your total.
4) Pay $10 and get your items.
Boom! Simple!

You can use this code as many times as you would like during the month of March... Tell a friend.  Stock up.  Smiles all around!

Well hopefully I will get my behind in posting mode SOON!  I have also neglected our Facebook page.  It is feeling pretty sad too!

Best Wishes,


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