Valentine's Day - New Designs!

Mock Up Monday… Celebrate Valentine’s Day Designs!

Hey guys!

I was going over some of the mock ups for the Valentine’s Day designs and just wanted to share a few with you guys! These things are so amazing. No matter how much I love a design, seeing it mocked up and in action always makes me love them so much more.

Before I was creating designs, I did not realize the difference in seeing a design and seeing it come alive. It really makes a HUGE difference!

My partner Kate is a rock star, she helps with designs and is the queen of our mocks. For real. She is the genius that pairs up the designs with the images that bring them to life in our listings. This is super key in helping people visualize our design on their project. Included in this post you will find a couple galleries of some of our more recent mocks.

How can mocks help you? Simple. They are a great way to show your customers different ways that they can have their items created! Check out our Lil’ Heart Breaker. I designed this one in red and black, generic Valentine’s Day colors. Kate took this design to the next level. She saw tutus and gold glitter! And the difference in the design is incredible!

What do we love more than seeing our designs mocked?

We super love seeing actual items created with our designs! Have you ever purchased one of our designs? If so, we have this awesome new section we call The Crafter’s Corner. It does not matter what your item is, as long as it displays your logo and our design. We have a neat little form you can fill out, we will add your images to our gallery AND link back to you! How sweet is that? All you have to do is go HERE, fill out the form, include your images (images that are not of our designs will be denied), and boom. Done. That simple!

Happy Crafting!!

Teri & Kate