Crafter's Corner

Crafter's Corner

Crafter's Corner Spotlight - We've Only Just Begun...

The Just Because Shoppe’s Crafter’s Corner Spotlight…

We are super excited to bring to you crafters and small businesses from around the country. We have been working on building up a network of people and small businesses that use our designs to make some amazing creations. We have a brand new ‘Crafter’s Corner Gallery’ where we list YOUR images of YOUR items with OUR designs on them!! How great is that?

So as another way of lifting each other, we decided to do a little spotlight blog post on each small business, or even small diy-er, who submits photos to our gallery.

Why would a business promote someone else’s products?

To be completely honest part of it is that we simply LOVE seeing our designs brought to life. The very first time I saw one of my personal designs on a shirt I was elated. For reals. I was so giddy that I immediately took a screenshot and sent too many emoji’s along with that shot over to Kate. I may have used a tad too many exclamation points in that message as well. I was over the moon.

While going through the process of swapping over website platforms it occurred to me that we really needed more people trying to help raise each other, and I wanted to find a way to implement this in our new site. I brought the idea up to Kate, and she was so thrilled and super excited. For the record, yes… We both get like preteen giddy over people posting pictures of what they make when they leave a review on etsy. It can sometimes be a spectacle. lol

How does one get their images in this gallery, you ask?

This is super easy!! Like super duper easy! All you have to do is send it to us. We even set up a form that you can fill out and send us a couple of images through! THAT IS RIGHT HERE BTW!!!! If you would like to chat about it or get some additional information please, feel free to contact us at and either Kate or myself will reach out to you asap!

We are so excited!!!! Check back to see some talented new crafter’s and be sure to hit them up if you just gotta have something that they made!!

Best wishes,

Teri & Kate